Using AIDA Formula in Copywriting to improve Sales Effectiveness

If you have already made a sales page (or landing page) before, surely you have time to think like this: "What kind of writing is that good ...?" Then suddenly the brain gets empty ... ... the hand doesn't move at all on the keyboard. Hours, even days ... Before you go further, I have something great for ye, well let's check this out:  ExcuZily Then when it's finished ... apparently no one is interested at all. It is not easy to write copy on sales and landing pages. It's just a little structure can result in your offer not being attractive. So the conversion is very low. But there is one secret formula ... a secret that will make you easily create an effective copy writing structure. His name is: AIDA. Please continue reading because after learning this AIDA formula, you will immediately be able to create a copy that is able to enchant others to be addicted to your offer. What is AIDA? What is clear is not the name of the dangdut s